Saturday, 23 May 2015

Flying over Fraser Island

I stayed Fraser Island for three days while I was in Australia and it soon become my favourite place I had visited during my time there...

Fraser Island is the worlds largest sand island (an island made completely from sand) and is located just off the East Coast of Australia. It is covered in thick rainforest and woodland with huge sandblows and many freshwater lakes and creeks. The island is also famous for its wildlife as dingoes are very common on the island and humpback whales and dolphins are often seen in the surrounding sea.

Although Fraser Island is an amazing place to explore from the ground, one of the best ways to really appreciate its outstanding beauty is from the air. From above you can clearly see the crazy shapes and sizes of the lakes and the beautiful variety of colours in the sand dunes and the vast lengths of the beach. You can also notice how the Maheno shipwreck, which looks huge up close, appears tiny when looking down on the long stretch of sand where it sits!

So, obviously, when I was on my Fraser Island trip and got the opportunity the take a scenic flight around the island I jumped at the chance! Here are some of my favourite photo's I took from the flight.

(Note: Obviously I was taking these photos through the plane window so apologies for the occasional visible window scratch or camera reflection! haha)

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