Tuesday, 26 May 2015

5 Places I Want to Revisit

I love the idea of travelling to new places and seeing new things. But there are also a few locations I've visited that I've fallen in love with so much that I'm desperate to go back there again! So here are my top five places that I can't wait to visit again in the near future.

1.Brisbane, Australia.

Brisbane will always hold a special place in my heart. I spent a month living here while I was doing a volunteer project and completely fell in love with the city. It was such a friendly, welcoming place and if I ever moved somewhere out of the UK Brisbane would be my first choice. It's a city full of art and culture and the bustling markets and peaceful botanic gardens were a personal favourite of mine.

2. Paris, France.
The last time I went to Paris I was with my family and I was just 8 years old. The main thing I remember from our holiday was all the amazing food I ate, particularly all the fresh bread and pastries. I'd love to return now as an adult and make some new memories of the places I remember visiting as a child. 

3. Algarve, Portugal

I visited the Algarve back in 2012 and it was the most relaxing week of my life. There were so many beautiful beaches and cute little beach bars selling fancy cocktails. I could simply lay out in a hammock looking out to the sail boats at sea and watching the world go by. I'd love to come on holiday to this stunning region sometime soon and see more of it's breathtaking beaches and seaside towns.

4. Fraser Island, Australia

Yes, it's another Australian location, I just love this country so much! Fraser Island has to be one of the most amazing places I've visited, there's just so many amazing natural beauties in one places! There's the Champagne Pools, the colourful sand dunes, diverse rainforest and the many gorgeous freshwater lakes and creeks. During my time here I went paddle-boarding, tubing and swimming in lakes and creeks, hiked through rainforest and up to spectacular view points, saw the famous Maheno shipwreck and took a scenic flight over the island. Not to mention being lucky enough to see wild dingoes, humpback whales, dolphins and some HUGE spiders!

5. London, England

And lastly, one of my favourite places in my home country of England. I love the hustle and bustle of the big city. Although I only live a few hours away by train and I have visited many, many times, it's always a place I want to revisit and I'm always looking forward to a future trip there! I'm a country girl so cities like London are always so fascinating to me - and sometimes very confusing! My favourite places to go are the parks, especially St James Park (mainly because I love the pelicans, haha!) They're like these beautiful little pockets of greenery and wildlife among all the pavements, traffic and tourists of the city.


  1. Great picks, I'd love to visit London -- never been but it looks like an amazing place :)


    1. Thanks! London really is amazing, you should definitely go if you get the chance :)