Monday, 25 May 2015

Local Adventures #2: The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

During the Easter holidays I visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the day with my family. It is a huge open-air gallery featuring sculptures for artists such as Henry Moore, among many others. Despite living fairly close to the park this was my first visit and it really took my breath away! As well as all the amazing and inspiring outdoor sculptures the park is also a vast area of gorgeous Yorkshire countryside with an abundance of gorgeous farm animals and wildlife. Needless to say I went a little bit crazy with my camera here and took far too many photo's!

As well as all the magnificent sculptures, the park is also full of gorgeous wildlife. The park was the grazing land to hundreds of sheep and their adorable little lambs, as well as some beautiful highland cattle! There is a river and a large lake at the sculpture park meaning an abundance of bird-life can be seen including geese, ducks and most excitingly (for me anyway) herons! There were around 20 - 30 herons nesting up in the trees by the lake, I'd never seen so many all together and it was amazing to see them all swooping down to collect twigs for their nests. They were pretty fast flyers though and it took me a good few attempts to mange to capture any pictures of them!

And then we came across some on my favourite sculptures in the park. Some amazing Henry Moore's that were perched upon the hill overlooking the gorgeous view...

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