Saturday, 7 March 2015

You Me At Six and All Time Low concert!

This was a gig I'd been waiting for for sooooo long. Two of my favourite bands in one concert! They certainly did not disappoint, the music was loud and energetic and the atmosphere in the crowd was amazing. The night was definitely up there in my top three gigs (and I've been to a lot of gigs so that's saying something!)

I've seen both of these bands before. This was my 7th time seeing You Me at Six and 5th time seeing All Time Low. But this time was different and very exciting because it was my first time seeing them in an arena. I've watched these bands play bigger and bigger venues over the years so to see them play in a huge arena with more than 10,000 people all jumping and singing along was an extraordinary experience!

Both bands we're amazing for different reasons and have a really different stage presence. All Time Low love to interact and joke around with the crowd. They have long breaks between some of their songs to chat to the crowd and get them laughing and while they're playing they love to encourage everyone to get jumping and dancing. They also got loads of people up on stage to sing along with them and quite often the band members will jump down into the crowd (which ensues A LOT of screaming haha). This creates such a personal and fun atmosphere which is one of the things I love most about seeing these guys play live. You Me At Six are less about interacting with the crowd and more about putting on a show-stopping performance with crazy effects. Their set included countless fireworks, strobe lights and confetti flying out over the crowd. They also had a massive screen behind them playing video clips and during one song loads of huuuuuuuuuge inflatable beach balls where thrown out into the crowd. One of the things that makes both of these bands stand out for me is that they sound just as amazing live (if not better) as they do on their albums. The vocalists from both bands sing flawlessly live and with such passion and enthusiasm. Overall, it was just an amazing night and I enjoyed every second. I could go on and on about how much I love these two bands, but that would just get boring!

I didn't take many pictures as I was too busy enjoying myself and the ones I did take aren't amazing quality due to all the smoke and flashing lights and all the jumping and dancing I was doing. But I thought I'd share a few of my favourites on here anyway.

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