Sunday, 8 March 2015

10 Things to do in Sydney, Australia.

So I have a little bit of an obsessive love for Sydney. It's just such a beautiful, diverse city. It has awe inspiring architecture, amazing views, peaceful parks and gardens, and some of the most famous beaches on the planet. I'm lucky enough to have spent a couple of weeks in Sydney on two separate occasions, and can't wait to get over there again. So here are my top ten things everyone should do when they visit this beautiful Australian city!

1. BBQ on Bondi Beach

One of the most amazing things about Australia is that there are public barbecue's everywhere which you can use for free! They appear in parks and beach fronts around Australia and are a fun and cheaper alternative to going and buying hot food at cafĂ©'s and restaurants. There are a couple of said BBQ's perfectly located on the grass just opposite the famous Bondi beach. This is a great place to spend a chill out day in Sydney. Embrace the Aussie lifestyle and relax on this famous and beautiful beach while cooking yourself some yummy food! 

2. Lunch at Sydney Tower Restaurant

The Sydney Tower is that reeeally tall, thin golden tower you can see from pretty much anywhere in Sydney. (Unfortunately I didn't get a close up picture of it to show you!) The restaurant is right up at the top of the tower, situated over 300 meters above the city centre. It's a revolving restaurant which means while you're sat enjoying your food you're slowly moving around, giving you amazing views of the whole city! The restaurant offers a buffet style lunch and dinner with an amazing selection of delicious food. It was a bit misty and rainy the day I went but the views were still amazing, so I can only imagine how gorgeous the city would look from here on a lovely sunny day!


3. Get your first glimpse of Australian wildlife!

If Sydney is your first stop in Australia, as it is for many people, take this opportunity have your first experience of Australia's wildlife. Sydney is home to two zoo's: Taronga Zoo and Sydney Wildlife World. Both of these will allow you to see some of Australia's unique wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas and wallabies. Taronga Zoo is the larger of the two and is also home to non-native wildlife such as elephants, rhinos, giraffes and tigers. As well as seeing animals in zoos you can also see loads of native Australian birds, lizards and spiders out in the wild in Sydney! Most commonly seen are the birds including the crazy looking ibis and the brightly coloured lorikeets.

4. Eat out at Darling Harbour.

Darling harbour has a great selection of restaurants and so is a great place to eat out. (I've just realised how many of these points are food related, haha!) Grab a seat outside and eat your food while enjoying the views of the harbour and the city. They also often have firework displays here on an evening which is a great experience.

5. Coogee to Bondi Beach Walk

Coogee to Bondi is a cliff top coastal walk taking you to five of Sydney's most famous and gorgeous beaches. You can get to Coogee beach via public transport to start your 6km walk full of stunning views of cliffs, bays, boats and beaches. There are five beaches for you to stop off at to relax, sunbathe and have a swim. You start off at Coogee and then go on to Clovelly, Bronte, Tamarama and then finish and Bondi. Remember to bring your camera for this one as there's plenty of amazing photo opportunities. 

6. Walk across the iconic Harbour Bridge.

This one's pretty self explanatory. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Sydney's most iconic landmarks, along with the Opera House. So visiting and walking across it is a must for anyone visiting Sydney. The view of the huge steel structure from across the harbour is stunning, but it's only when walking across it you realise the true enormity and beauty of it. From the pedestrian path on the bridge you get breathtaking views of the Sydney Opera House, the harbour and surrounding areas.

7. Have a 'Scary Jar'.

Go to a bar called The Scary Canary and order yourself a 'Scary Jar'. Just because.


8. Harbour Cruise.

Another way to get the best views of the city including the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge is by boat. You can get 'hop on, hop off' tickets for ferries which drop off and pick up at various different locations along the harbour. I recommend getting on at Darling Harbour then you can cruise right underneath the Harbour Bridge and float along past the Opera House (while getting some awesome pictures!) If you cruise all the way down the harbour and hop off at Watsons Bay you can explore some of the harbour's beaches and look back towards the views of Sydney.

9. Botanic Gardens

The botanic gardens in Sydney are some of the prettiest I've been to and it's a great place to have a wander round and enjoy some Australian sun.

10. Have a picnic!

In Sydney there are so many beautiful little spots to sit down and watch the world go by. There are parks, gardens, fountains, and of course the harbour. So make yourself up a little picnic, take it to your favourite spot and chill out, people-watch and soak up the atmosphere of Sydney.

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