Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Restarting My Blog!

So its been a long time since since I've written a proper blog post on here! Last summer I was determined to spend some time working on writing some really good posts for my blog. However, in September I started the third and final year of my English degree, and it became almost impossible to set aside time for writing for fun amongst all of the reading, essay writing and dissertation work I had to do for my course.
But now I have finished my degree and I am due to graduate in a months time I am going to work hard to keep updating my blog! It's something I really want to do, because not only do I enjoy writing, and want to make sure I keep writing now I've finished my degree, but it's also a great way for me to document my adventures so I can look back on them in years to come!
I also want to really focus my writing more specifically on travelling and exploring the world! When I first started this blog during my second year of university it was just a place to write for fun about a mismatch of things; travelling, walking, music, beauty, literature and life in general. But over the last year I have become more and more passionate about travelling the world and become really interested in photography and travel photography. Therefore, I really want to create a space where I can write about what I'm passionate about, share my photos and hopefully improve my writing and photography along the way! I think this will be a great way to remember all my travel and I hope that if anyone finds this blog then it will help inspire them to travel as well!
Since the last time I wrote a proper post on here I have travelled round Italy and visited Paris and Barcelona, and I have an exciting three month trip coming up in August! So I will have lots of exciting things to write about on here, so watch this space!
Thanks for reading!
Chloe Rebecca

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