Saturday, 25 June 2016

Hunter Valley Wine Tour, Australia // A Photo Diary

During my first week in Sydney, I went on a wine tasting day trip to the Hunter Valley Region. The Hunter Valley is a beautiful area full of vineyards and is also Australia's oldest wine growing region. We had a scenic drive from Sydney to our first winery through stunning bushland and countryside, which seemed even more beautiful and it was sunniest, most gorgeous day we'd had since arriving in Australia. Our tour guide was funny and chatty, telling us interesting facts about Australian history as we drove along, and he stopped the mini bus regulary to point out different Australian trees, plants and also some wildlife!

This included our driver slamming on the brakes and ushering us out of the bus to see a snake on the side of the road and also pulling over so we could get our first glimpse of wild kangaroos since arriving in Australia!

We then visited a number a number of wineries situated amongst beautigful areas of trees, feilds and vineyards. We got to taste lots of amazing Australian wines and ports as well as going to a chocolate factory and having lunch of pizza and a glass of wine (of course!) included in our tour.

Spot the kangaroo in this picture!

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